Server Reboot

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Oct 6 08:19:43 PDT 2007

Grant Peel wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is the first time in 10 years I have seen this.
> I have a Dell PE750 (vintage 2004), running FreeBSD 6.2 that had been 
> up and running for about 30 days without any issues.
> The server somehow rebooted last night, apparently,  all by itself.
> The last log file line I can find waqs about 12:30 AM. The dmesg shows 
> it restarted about 1:12 AM. dmesg shows some file errors that were 
> fixed upon reboot, other that that, everything is back up and running 
> normally.
> I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar and if a cause was 
> found.
> Here is what I know:
> -all servers (there are 5 more) are plugged into the same power bar 
> and none of the others were affected
> -none of the standard logs show any intrusion or root log in attempt,
> -dmesg and console log show nothing of note,
> -the DRAC logs and ESM logs show nothing,
> -the sensors (temp,voltage,etc) logs currently show no issues, all 
> well withing normal parms.
> -my MRTG logs show no abnormal CPU usage or network activity.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> -Grant

    Check the capacitors on the motherboard (in particular near the 
memory and processor); they may be going bad (esp with that vintage. 
2004 Dell was a bad year =P..).
    You'll be looking for swelled capacitors and possibly some orange 
dialectric being emitted.

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