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Fri Oct 5 14:31:31 PDT 2007

Frank Jahnke <jahnke at sonatabio.com> writes:

>> Since you seem to use the equation feature quite intensively, maybe
>> you have any clue on making the equation editor perform better.
> Sorry I can't really be of much help with OO.o equations.  
> What I do personally is a kludge, but it works well enough.  For
> ...

Thank you for your nice answer. It seems there is no reason to be
optimistic about the existence of an ``office-like'' program
that deals smartly with equations. I am always a bit surprised that
TeX was released in 78 (before my birth!) and---despite its algorithms
are published---its output quality remains unmatched [1] by common
programs. Why these programs do not apply TeX's strategies to solve
their problems? This makes me wonder.

[1] Lyx was mentioned elsethread, on the project's website I found
    a text example processed by TeX and Word. The text is four pages
    long, the columns ist not especially narrow. To prepare this text,
    Word needs 8 word hyphenations in the first page, with three of
    them in a row (which is very bad). In the TeX processed version,
    theres is only two word hyphenations in the whole document.

    WWW: http://wiki.lyx.org/Examples/ComparingLyXAndWord

    This is not a definite proof that TeX's output quality remains
    unmatched, but just an example.

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