freebsd, scsi waiting on device to settle.

Fidel Garcia fgarcia at
Fri Oct 5 12:23:11 PDT 2007

This morning our IBM x306 series was rebooted and for some reason it does
not complete the booting process.

The machine is showing on the screen a message that says: Waiting 5 seconds
for SCSI devices to settle. I believe this message comes from FreeBSD and
not the machine because FreeBSD was already showing the hardware details on
the screen. The problem is that the machine gets stuck on the message and it
does not go anywhere.


Any idea of what might be causing this problem? I have not done any changes
to the machine lately and it was rebooting fine until now.

The hard drive seems to be working because the machine recognizes it and
FreeBSD started the booting process.



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