Equations (WAS: good replacement for open office)

Frank Jahnke jahnke at sonatabio.com
Fri Oct 5 10:13:15 PDT 2007

> Since you seem to use the equation feature quite intensively, maybe
> you have any clue on making the equation editor perform better.

Sorry I can't really be of much help with OO.o equations.  

What I do personally is a kludge, but it works well enough.  For
documents that I create for read-only use, I use groff and friends.  For
those that require collaboration, I use Wordperfect to create the
equations (it has an equation mode like troff's eqn), export them into
Word format, and then read them into Word.  The equation mode in Word is
crippled, and you need to purchase MathType (I think that is the name)
to make it usable.

The same goes for references, BTW: you really need to purchase an add-on
to make Word usable.  In troff I just use refer together with Refbase.

I've just not had much luck with OO.o's equation mode.  If often crashes
Word, and since all the people I collaborate with use Word, well, I use
Word rather than try to teach them troff (or TeX).  While they are all
top-flight scientists and engineers at major US research Universities,
their computer literacy is surprisingly low.  

I've given up on trying to find a BSD or Linux program that is good
enough for this purpose -- none really are.  So I just use Word in a VM
and am done with it.

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