Bind configuration in FreeBSD

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at
Fri Oct 5 05:08:52 PDT 2007

Hi friends ,

I have a FreeBSD fresh installation in a new  server machine.

   Here I wants to run my DNS server , by default I found the   in  /etc/namedb  dir    , named.conf  file & master  dir etc in the m/c after  OS installation  , so I configured my DNS entries    (I mean named.conf and zone file  for my domain I configured ) , and after that I tried to start   /etc/rc.d/named start 
but no message that it is starting or not .

I would like to ask you whether I have to install , bind 8  or bind 9  through /usr/ports/dns  to make this machine  as a DNS server or by default (I mean fresh installation) the bind is coming? (because I can see  /etc/namedb dir   and named.conf  file  ,master dir  , etc ...  there)

pls guide me to setup Bind in FreeBSD6.2   to make A DNS server for my own domain 

thanks in Advance

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