xmms crashing at startup (Solved)

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Thu Oct 4 20:35:13 PDT 2007

>  In the time honored FreeBSD tradition of answering my own email,
>  I have XMMS working again.
>  I moved the .xmms directory in my home directory to old.xmms and
>  started XMMS again. Low and behold it created a new .xmms
>  directory and XMMS started. The only problem that I have is I can
>  no longer douvle the size of the graphic player.

	You're lucky.
	Mine now starts - good.
	Attempts to double the size result in a) window going wierd and
freezing and b) process attempting to consume 100% of CPU.  (The
process is killable.)

					Robert Huff

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