How setup modem ZTE AC8700. It is no have driver for UNIX

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Thu Oct 4 09:47:29 PDT 2007

I was do for your screen shot .. of you request
Please see it at this URL:

i very wait for you help and answers.

thank you!
have a nice day !

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> Subject: How setup modem ZTE AC8700. It is no have driver for UNIX
> I am very need to setup and work in FreeBSD 6.2 (for example)
> on my modem ZTE AC8700 (this is 3G modem)
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> Does the modem show up as a serial device? Can you give us a dump from
> dmesg when you plug the modem in?
> Chances are you'll be able to use it as any regular serial modem however
> you may not be able to control the modem as finely as you can under
> Windows (no configuring it to stay on one network, for example)... 
> If you can give us at least some output though, from when you plug it
> in, we may be able to help you out.
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