Sendmail IP interface assignment -- how to?

Rob bitabyss at
Thu Oct 4 07:32:29 PDT 2007

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> That closed port 25 on the extra NIC, but netstat still shows "tcp4
>> *.submission LISTEN".  I definitely need to close port 587 in the 2nd
>> NIC, but I was wondering about "best practices" for this.  Shouldn't the
>> submission thing ONLY be on the localhost IP?  I'm thinking I can use:
>>    DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Addr=,Port=587,Name=MSA,M=E')
> You also need:
> FEATURE(no_default_msa)
> otherwise, you're definitely heading in the right direction.

Thanks, Matthew!  That was the piece I was missing.  I tried my Daemon_Options above, but found out its presence does not disable the default config to listen on all interfaces.  I got it working by directly editing the .cf, but your trick does it from the macro config.

The final result ended up as:
FEATURE(no_default_msa)dnl  # turn off MSA on all ports; only ue what's in Daemon_Options
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=2525,Addr=,Name=MTA')dnl  # smtp on alt port

Once I knew the right keywords to google, I found this article that might be of use to others:  "Five Tips for a Better sendmail Configuration"

  -Thanks,  Rob

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