any body has a tutorial of installing the openvpn on current versions of freebsd ?

Eric Crist mnslinky at
Thu Oct 4 05:18:51 PDT 2007

On Oct 3, 2007, at 2:47 PMOct 3, 2007, fatman at wrote:

> On 2/10/2007, "Yong" <yanicher at> wrote:
>> sorry, I meant
>> install openvpn in bridged mode - that will imply creating some
>> devices, creating the config files that will permit to connect a test
>> user
>> something or somebody that has done it from point to point - till the
>> moment that it is stated and user has connected.
>> thanks
> Hi Yong,
> I did have this sort of working [I'm not convinced I had it 100%  
> right,
> though my friend claimed he was able to join my network and browse my
> NFS shares] and then my server blew out a hard disk. And me without a
> backup. Typical.
> I don't think there are any decent instructions out there,
> unfortunately. It's too darn complicated.


I'll write one and post it today.  Coincidentally, I'm doing a re- 
install of OpenVPN on a  new server.  FWIW, OpenVPN is not all that  
difficult.  Most of the instructions out there just make it all seem  
so.  Where it *can* get complicated, though, is when you're pushing a  
bunch of different routes across the VPN connection.

You'll be able to view my OpenVPN instructions at: (ignore wrapping,  
should all be one line).  Note, as of my sending this, the document  
doesn't exist.  It should, at least in part, within the next hour or so.


Eric F Crist
Secure Computing Networks

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