SAN LUN masking and LUNs over 7

Kirill Ponazdyr lists at
Wed Oct 3 15:52:04 PDT 2007


Will answer myself.

> a) FreeBSD never scan the LUNs on the san storage device if lun 0 is
masked (hidden) there

Apparently this is normal.

So I have to create "placeholder" slice on raid array with lun 0, this
will not be used by any host for anything, just be there and visible to
anyone as Read Only.

> b) FreeBSD never scan any LUNs over lun 7 on the san storage device

Two ways to change this:


This produces some wierd behaviour though, some of the raid arrays
delivered hundreds of luns, even though they only had couple of them.

Second, better and safer way:

edit sys/cam/cam_xpt.c, adjust CAM_SCSI2_MAXLUN to maximum lun number you
wish to scan by default. In our case: 32

Recompile Kernel.


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