How to install third party software (format .tar.bz2)

williamkow williamkow at
Wed Oct 3 01:31:02 PDT 2007

   I am new to BSD & UNIX system. Could you please advise on how to
   install the software with format .tar.bz2   For Example, file
   downloaded from the below link :
   It may need to compile(Makefile), or using pkg_add. But I'm not too
   sure how to do it, even though I've read the documents from
   Whenever I setup a new O/S, I must setup for internet access using my
   mobile phone (Nokia 6230 via USB connection). and I have been
   searching the internet FreeBSD to recognise my phone and allow
   internet access. but... till now I still do not know how to get
   internet access via mobile phone. Please help, Thank you.



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