doing a minimal FreeBSD install

Bahman M. b.movaqar at
Tue Oct 2 14:20:18 PDT 2007

On 2007-10-02 Rogelio Bastardo wrote:
> I'm looking to install only the bare essentials to FreeBSD and then
> install each program piece-by-piece afterwards.
> To do this, do I just need the first FreeBSD 6 ISO?  Or can I get away
> with just the boot CD ISO and then install each port one-by-one?
> (Basically, I just wanna build a Nagios server, and that requires
> very, very little)

AFAIK, you will need at least the first ISO.  That's what I exactly did
with my home machine: did a minimal 6.2 installation, 'portsnap fetch',
'portsnap extract' and then ports installation.



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