How to check applications vs. libraries

RW mlt01 at
Tue Oct 2 14:13:33 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2 Oct 2007 19:23:29 +0200
Daniel Tourde <daniel.tourde at> wrote:

> I am used to install FreeBSD applications by using the port
> collection. I also update regularly (twice a month or something) the
> apps, using 'portupgrade -a -N' on a refreshed port collection.
> Here are my questions:
> - How can I check that the apps that have been build with certain
> libraries still work when some of the libs have been updated?
> - Is it possible then to rebuild the selected set of apps that have 
> been 'corrupted' by the library upgrade (classicaly from liba.1 to
> liba.2)? If yes, how?

Generally this doesn't cause a problem as when portupgrade upgrades a
library through a major revision, it puts a copy of the old library
into a compatibility directory. 

Applications that depend on updated libraries get version-bumped when
the library major version gets changed, so just keeping your ports
up-to-date is all you normally need to make sure everything is using
the latest libraries.  

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