determining the space used in / partition

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Oct 1 22:35:08 PDT 2007

> One thing that comes to my mind. Each Sunday I have a script which
> makes a full dump of the HD to a back-up USB drive. Last weekend
> someone cleaining the computer room, must have accidentally powered
> off the USB drive. As a result, the dump has not been completed
> because the USB drive was not mounted at that time. I use cron for
> this task. Does it matter could have caused this?

Depending how you make your dump, to a file or to a drive. If you dump
to a file in the USB drive and if the USB drive was not mounted, the
dump probably tried to save its data where the USB drive was suipposed
to be.

If you mount your USB drice in /mnt/usbck, the dump has gone to
/mnt/usbck, that is in the root partition.


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