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Mon Oct 1 13:45:09 PDT 2007

On Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 12:35:46PM -0700, DBSM wrote:
> 1. Is there an idea of what % of the markets share is owned by FreeBSD when
> comparing iwth others O/S such as Red Hat , Ubunto ? I know this is a very
> open question what an iniitial idea would be helpful to me. 

Good question.  It's very difficult to determine "market share" for
FreeBSD, because it can be downloaded and installed multiple times per
install entirely for free.  In fact, actual practical market share for MS
Windows (in terms of installs in use) can be difficult to judge
accurately as well, even though it is officially available only when you
pay for it, because:

  A) a lot of people are running it "illegally"
  B) many people who "buy" it, generally by purchasing hardware that
  comes with MS Windows already installed, format the drive and install
  another OS -- such as FreeBSD

> 2. Usually in what applications are runned over FreeBSD ? I read about
> FreeNAS as a Storage application built around FreeBSD

Lots of stuff -- network attached storage, fileservers, webservers,
firewalls/routers, development workstations, et cetera.  I'm planning to
very soon set up a game machine running World of Warcraft on FreeBSD via
Wine, though I'm sure that particular use of FreeBSD would not qualify
for "usual".

> 3. Usually in what kind of HW does FreeBSD is installed (Laptop, Desktops,
> Servers ? )

Servers are probably the common case for FreeBSD by a significant margin.
That doesn't mean desktop/workstation, laptop, and even embedded device
uses are rare, however.  I personally use FreeBSD for basically
everything these days, and am typing this on a Thinkpad with FreeBSD

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