Argus Newsletter - October 2007

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Mon Oct 1 05:27:27 PDT 2007

Hi Guys,

We promised to keep you posted, so here's another quick word from Argus.

This month we had TWO life saves in the States and ONE in Poland. 
Buddy from Skydive Opelika wrote: "Your AAD worked great! Will buy more ...on my student gear & tandems".. And in Skydive Taft we also had a save on a AFF Level 6 - low pull. 
And another in Poland with a 'No pull' from the student. Looks like if we did something right.

Two weeks ago, Argus was present at the US Nationals, Skydive Chicago with the demo Xp rig with the AAD installed on the main container.

One of the guys trying it, Zack said: "... Was fun and interesting. It's nice to get proof/first hand experience about something we all knew about..."

We're glad to have TJ Landgren and Dusty Smith on board. No need to introduce them! TJ and Dusty were not using any AAD before and were convinced by our unique "Swoop" mode.

Roberto (Tuelho) Luiz Souza from Brazil is living such an interesting adventure and visiting all (yes all) major dropzones with his "Skydive around the World", so we had to sponsor him... The June 2007 issue of Parachutist featured an article on his project (see

And, The Safety and Training committee of the Skydiving section/The Norwegian Air Sports Federation, approved the use of Argus AAD in Norway at their meeting 6th September 2007. This approval will be publicized in the safety and training bulletin shortly. 

Good job, Harald!

If you have anything interesting going on, please let us know for our next newsletter.

Kind regards,

Karel Goorts 
Managing director
Aviacom SA
Mobile: +32 485 868788
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