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On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 07:54:48PM -0700, jekillen wrote:
> >
> >The removal of ntpdate is something I'll believe in when it happens.
> >ntpd -q is a superior drop-in replace for ntpdate when it's being run
> >from cron. OTOH if you run ntpd -q in place of ntpdate at boot (before
> >starting ntpd), it adds about 15 seconds to the boot-time for no
> >significant benefit.

Heheh! The threats do seem somewhat hollow these days...

> Thanks for the info.
> So ntp, as I understand it, has to have time servers to reference, and 
> of course
> the system has to be connected to the  public network to contact the 
> time servers.
> Are there any security issues with ntp? Or, where can I find info on 
> security issues
> related to ntp?
> Update on original question related to the use of date in FreeBSD; I 
> finally brightened
> up and set the time in the bios.
> Jeff K

Provided you use sensible settings in your ntp.conf, you should come to no
harm using ntpd. Something like this works well for me:

driftfile /var/db/ntp.drift

restrict default ignore


restrict nomodify notrap nopeer noquery

restrict mask nomodify notrap

This config tells ntpd to use as its synchronisation host,
and to restrict that host so that it cannot make any alterations to the
local machine's clock or to the state of the running ntpd. It also says
to allow hosts on my private network to synchronise against it, but 
again, to prevent them from making any changes to the state of the nptd
on the server.

There are many more options that may or may not be interesting - check out for plenty of useful information about configuring ntpd and
selecting a suitable set of synchronisation servers.


Daniel Bye

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