Building FreeBSD on Linux

Saravanan Shanmugham (sarvi) sarvi at
Fri Nov 30 16:17:54 PST 2007

     I am trying to build all of FreeBSD from a Linux Machine and seem
to be running into problems.  We have farm of build machines that we use
to build many other things and my team would look like to use it going
forward for our FreeBSD development.
Has anyone tried this before? 
I have tried GNU Make 3.80 as well as pmake. And I can't seem to find
bmake for Linux.
Can anyone tell me why this might be failing or point me in the right
sarvi-lnx:23> make buildworld
Makefile:109: *** missing separator.  Stop.
sarvi-lnx:25> pmake buildworld
Makefile:109: *** missing separator.  Stop.
*** Error code 2


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