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pete wright nomadlogic at
Fri Nov 30 09:30:01 PST 2007

On Nov 30, 2007 5:59 AM, Lucas Neves Martins <snowniak at> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I´m having the following problem:
> Redirect requests from the port 80, to the port 8082. - for apache tomcat.
> I´m new on freeBSD, Of course, I had looked out on google, and read the
> firewall section on the Handbook.
snipping some ipfw rules...

> PS: I´m trying to do this, to make the user "tomcat" run the apache-tomcat,
> opening the port 8082, and make it
> transparent to users who access the domain by the common port 80.

another method to achieve this that may be interesting for you is to
use mod_jk to redirect requests coming in on your priv'd port 80
apache daemon to your tomcat processes on an unpriv'd port:

I won't go into the whole configuration here - but going this route
may give you more flexibility than using a packetfilter ruleset and
will allow you take advantage of load balancing etc. with mod_jk as
well.  i currently use this setup for a site that serves both static
content from httpd and .jsp pages from tomcat all on the same box.


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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