looking for suggestions: multiple users on the same desktop

Michaël Grünewald michael.grunewald at laposte.net
Fri Nov 30 04:50:13 PST 2007

"Aryeh M. Friedman" <aryeh.friedman at gmail.com> writes:

> I have several "sub" accounts (for specialized purposes not really a
> part of an other account) which I do my work basically I have:
> aryeh -- my personal account
> web -- maintain my web site
> dev -- development/testing of software
> dep -- seperation of development and production code
> I almost always login into aryeh (xfce via xdm).   Both web and dev
> require the use of variuous X applications but I don't want to logout
> and login back in and/or have to invoke the app from the cmd line
> (i.e. xhost +; setenv DISPLAY :0; app cmd line)... I am looking for a
> way to make it so I can launch apps from a desktop panel and/or icon
> on the desktop and make it ask what user to run it under (or somehow
> or another make it aware that not everything is to be ruin as
> "aryeh")... ideas?

An easy approach is to use Xnest to open a nested X session as user
dev or whatever. You can find examples in ``OnLamp'' columns, if I
remember well.

Another way is to wrap is to use SSH's X connexion transfert, you can
wrap your applications in scripts like this:
  `ssh -X dev at localhost $PROGRAM'

A more complex approach is to design a way to `pass' DISPLAY
information and XAUTH(1) information to your alternative accounts.
You have to do it yourself (I guess) and still must wrap application
into suitable scripts.

Hope this helps.

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