...WELL, latest adventures of The Gary in the Dell

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Wed Nov 28 17:02:23 PST 2007


	And this is to all the wizards on-list:  Why does Gnome take
	minutes to load?   Yes, I finally got 6.3-PRERELEASE to boot
	after learning that Dell has problems with its serial ports
	(and Unix).  I did see a few postings about the increased
	delay time to bring up the windowing system, but didn't know it 
	would apply to 6.3 ....

	In an earlier diagnostic attempt I commented out much of my 
	sysctl.conf and related lines in /etc/rc.conf and /devfs.rules.
	So is there any way of reinitializing these hint and setting short
	of rebooting???  Tweaking the BIOS has me rolling again.


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