Advanced Routing/Firewall Interface Options for FreeBSD 7

galenz at galenz at
Wed Nov 28 11:32:49 PST 2007


I am trying to combine my file server and router into a single box.  
Before you tell me this is a bad idea, let me remind you this is a  
personal installation (not intensive file serving) and the machine and  
NICs are fairly beefy.

FreeBSD 7 supports ZFS. From there, NFS and Samba are easy. I've been  
using Solaris for this, but it's rather archaic in many ways, and the  
only reason I use it is for the stable ZFS support. Everything else in  
Solaris - given my needs - is a poor match.

Can anybody suggest what options there are for having a router/ 
firewall configuration interface placed atop FreeBSD 7 with ZFS? I  
want something along the lines of pfSense (GUI for traffic shaping,  
hopefully setup a simple VPN) that can also serve files and perhaps  
run some software that puts free CPU cycles to use. Maybe I might run  
Apache/MySQL for testing a few sites locally.

Any ideas? pfSense is not designed to work atop a standard FreeBSD  
distribution, nor is m0n0wall, and even if I used or modified their  
integrated distribution, I suspect it lacks ZFS support.


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