ls -l takes a forever to finish.

Mark Evans mbe2 at
Wed Nov 28 07:48:35 PST 2007

No we are not using NIS.

it is a large directory i am listing.  actually it is the /usr/home 
directory, and is probably the largest on the system. However "ls -l" runs 
for close to six minutesand spends the 10 seconds scrolling the screen with 
the results.  so i wait ls to start showing the results for about 5 and a 
half minutes.   Even on a older and much slower system i've never seen it 
talk more than 15 seconds to complete.


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> Mark Evans wrote:
>> I'm using FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE.  When I run "ls -l" it takes forever for 
>> the it to complete. top shows that the "ls -l" command uses about 98% of 
>> the CPU doing the time.  If I run "ls"  I do not experience any problem. 
>> anyone have any ideas?
> Are you using NIS for user/group lookups?
> Is it a large directory that is taking a long time to sort?
> Kris
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