Upper limit on make -j ?

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Wed Nov 28 01:59:00 PST 2007

Brian wrote:
> There's a thread on the -stable list about 8 cores being an issue in a 
> very specific case.  I couldn't imagine setting j to something more than 
> 2x or 3x at the most of your available cores.

So it's okay by you that freebsd utilities crash when you overload them? 
  Not to me ;-)

BTW, Aryeh, posting 800KB of your buildworld output to the mailing list 
is exceedingly lame and doesn't help anything.  Please study the gdb 
trace provided by Bruce: that is the kind of debugging that was required 
here, not huge amounts of irrelevant text from your console.


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