can anybody explain?

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Tue Nov 27 22:41:55 PST 2007

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 22:01:50 -0800
Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:

> 	Since my line went dead last Friday I've been having troubles
> 	simply building a new kernel.  I cvsup'd RELENG_6_2 last time,
> 	rebuilt the kernel with KERNCONF=GENERIC and now with
> 	KERNCONF=TAO.  My new /boot/kernel/kernel is > 7.4 megs and it
> 	*hangs* part way up.  I've tried building with the new GENERIC and
> 	with TAO that has only two devices added.  One is atapicam, the
> 	other is cpufreq (just now added).  The old kernel is around 4
> 	megs.     My last try is RELENG_6.  No diff.

Hey Gary,
- did u clean your /usr/obj
- do you have a good source tree? when in doubt, wipe and re-get (or try a different csup mirror first...that sometimes makes the difference)


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