dansguardian at boot time. +gateway server

अनुज anujhere at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 07:57:08 PST 2007

I installed dansguardian , gave it's entry in my /etc/rc.conf

I am getting error at the boot time dansguardian couldn't connected to
parent proxy.  Whereas squid starts without error.
I am running squid over port 3121 and dansguardian on port 8080.

After logging in and giving command "dansguardian" it starts without any error.

What can be the reason?
Plus in linux I have /etc/rc.local configuration file which i use to
run special commands after my linux boots,
How to do the same with FreeBSD.

Thanks and Regards.
Anugunj Anuj

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