Desktop printing, a request for your experiences

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Nov 26 22:36:01 PST 2007

Dominic Marks wrote:
> List,
> Can anyone give me their experiences of desktop printing
> (OpenOffice/KDE/Gnome/Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, etc) recently?
> I haven't tried for a while but it was a pain to setup and maintain the 
> last time I looked at it.
> If you are using this for "real-work" and you are getting good results 
> please let me know what you are using (software and hardware ideally).
> The environment I would like to put this into is a family house, very small
> setup with 2 PCs and 2 printers. Currently both are Windows PCs but
> one is experiencing all of the classic issues with a multi-year Windows
> installation and since they are used exclusively for E-Mail and word
> processing I am interested in migrating one PC over to FreeBSD.
> .. If the solution was a Linux distro (box package, or otherwise) I would
> also be interested.
> ... I am not a subscriber so please keep me CC'ed in the discussion.

My situation sounds somewhat similar to yours; wifey has a Winbox
in the house, and I print through it to an HP 6100 Multifunction
machine using apsfilter via SMB/samba.  IIRC, apsfilter thinks the
machine is an "HP920" and uses the HP-provided 'hpijs' driver and
GNU ghostscript.

I've had trouble with later versions of Abiword and this setup;
possibly also some issues with Acrobat Reader, as well.  I've not
taken time to work on this for a while, as I usually print from
web apps only --- printing is great from Mozilla et al.

Kevin D. Kinsey
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