Help for very bad perf for MySQL

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Mon Nov 26 22:33:03 PST 2007

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> Subject: Help for very bad perf for MySQL
> Hi all
> I've already send a message. But I don't receive any answer :-(.
> I try again
> and hope there more solution
> I've a bi-proc single core Xeon 3.2ghz with FreeBSD 6.2, I'm running Mysql
> 5.X on this server and the performance of MySQL is very bad. For some
> complexe select I've got ~6secondes (on some basic Linux it's take 0.6
> sec). And I think this is nothing about thead (that's mean I don't think
> FreeBSD 7.0 can solve my problem) because it's just for one select.
> The server have two SAS 10 000 tr/m disks.
> Anyone have some advise to tunning FreeBSD or MySQL for increase
> the perf ?

Start with the obvious stuff first.  How big is the database?  How
big is system ram?  If you have less ram than you have database then
mysql will have to go to the hard disk for the select which will kill
it's performance.


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