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eBoundHost: Artur artur at eboundhost.com
Mon Nov 26 10:53:45 PST 2007

> So, I haven't yet thought of a good, adequately lean, but clarifying 
> phrase,
> though if one comes to me I will submit it, but a clarifying phrase could
> well be included and the hitler example remain with it because it 
> establishes
> a very strong case-in-point example.

How about something like this:

Examples of entries that should not usually be declared 'offensive':
    * Quotes from controversial historical figures, no matter how despicable 
they were.
    * Jokes about emacs/vi or your favorite technology, ........

Or something along these lines.  It gets the point accross better than 
"hitler quotes" and does not upset a segment of our users. 

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