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Mon Nov 26 07:24:44 PST 2007

On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 14:19:49 +0000
Dominic Marks <dom at> wrote:

> Can anyone give me their experiences of desktop printing
> (OpenOffice/KDE/Gnome/Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, etc) recently?
> I haven't tried for a while but it was a pain to setup and maintain
> the last time I looked at it.

I'm using an HP 1320 (PostScript printer) + cups to do printing.
It works like a charm when it is attached with a parallel cable;
OTOH I was never able to print via USB to that beast (no joy with
print/hplip etc...) from FreeBSD (even though it works under XP
and on most Linux distros).

Here, OpenOffice generates the best printing; but all Qt3-based
printing shows bad kerning artifacts, the letters being not evenly
spaced -- I don't know if it is fixed in Qt4. Printing from Firefox
is okay for some sites that took corrective measures in their
printing stylesheets to counteract FF css/printing bugs, on other
sites it is often quite ugly (compared to MSIE, which does a much
better job at printing whatever you throw at it).

All in all, YMMV. It depends on your requirements.

> .. If the solution was a Linux distro (box package, or otherwise) I
> would also be interested.

Well, disregarding the problem of not being able to talk to my
HP-1320 via USB (instead of parallel), all other problems are not
FreeBSD-specific; they show up in Linux distros as well.


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