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Gerard Seibert gerard at
Mon Nov 26 02:57:25 PST 2007

> On November 25, 2007 at 09:51PM jekillen wrote:

[ snip ]

> Thank you all for responses.
> I did get this straightened out:
> It is mysql_enable="YES"
> and putting a script named mysql
> in the /etc/rc.d directory with the
> lines;
> #! /bin/sh
> /usr/local/bin/mysqld_safe --user=mysql &
> did the trick. This is what the mysql docs
> prescribe for starting the server. Perhaps
> that is not the best way to go about it at
> system start, but it works.
> Thanks again;
> Jeff K

Did you install this from ports? If so. the script would have been placed
there all ready. 



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