Squid with a Net nanny type setup....

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Sun Nov 25 21:47:28 PST 2007

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> Thanks for the advice, I've noticed dansguardian and looked into it a
> little bit, I've also blocked some words which works but doesn't work
> because it kills some legitimate pages.
> I've also tossed around the idea with my Fiancé about locking them down
> to certain websites, but that is problematic with doing some school work
> (kids are 9 and 11) I think what bothers me most is them stumbling
> across something.

Well I have a 9 year old boy myself, I would never allow him to do
school research on the Internet unsupervised.  The only research access
on the Internet he has is access to the online Encyclopedia Americana.
At 9 years old their brains aren't developed enough to handle it.

As for the 11 year old, at 11 years old I myself had a stack of Playboys
and Oui under my bed, Oui had full on twat shots and all that.  Actually
the Playboys were excellent reading material - I learned all about
Scientology and cults from reading the Playboy interviews with Ted Patrick
AKA Black Lightning, see:


It served me very well a few years later in High School as I was to
run into many Born Again Christians programmed by their particular
churchs so I recognized the mental affliction immediately.  And then
again a few years later when in my mid 20's through
no intent on my part I ended up getting a job with a company that I
eventually discovered was a Church of Scientology front.  The owners of
that company are in jail at the current time, convicted of securities
fraud (years after I left that company)  And yes, when I was there,
they did attempt to get me sucked into the cult of Scientology...

Believe me, to this day my parents know as much about cults as they
know about the WWII Japanese atrocities against the Chinese, which is
to say - about nothing.

I think sometime when I was 15 or so my Mom decided to clean out
my room and found and tossed out all my porno mags.  It was a sad
day. :-(  This was long after junior high school sex ed class so it
saved both of us the
embarassment of her finding out I knew more about sex than she
did. ;-)

You really need to concentrate on laying the firm sense of right and
wrong, and forget about worrying about the nekkid pictures he or she
may come across.  For all my early exposure, I didn't get laid until I
was 17.  Just because you understand how the plumbing works doesen't
mean that you just toss out your sense of right and wrong.

> Say they are curious what the word milf means and they search for it...
> that would be an eye opener!
> So right now I have a list of words that are blocked from URLS and a
> large number of sites blacklisted gathered from other peoples lists
> scavenged from google.

Well, there is something to be said for the idea that if you make it
taboo you make it more attractive.


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