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> speakers.  having hitlers name there does nothing positive for the
> project and polarizes the viewing audience because it offends the
> vast majority of people, 99% of whom are not going to spend an
> evening writing to a mailing list to have the issue fixed.

Without statistics, you can't actually tell for sure:
 1. if this is really a prominent page which is getting a lot of hits.
 2. if visitors noticed this at all or do/did care.
 3. how many visitors were offended, and if it could
    even be a "vast majority" (when is a majority "vast"?).

Just because you care about it (thank you for the heads up),
doesn't mean 99% of other visitors did/do: we just can't
know because there are no or not enough data to tell.

Having said that, the improvement you're suggesting:

> There are far better ways to express the thought than by simply saying
> "hitler quotes".  For instance it can be replaced with "controversial
> persons" or something similar. 

looks quite reasonable to me.

So please send-pr a patch to reword this page and have that
discussed on the appropriate mailing list. questions@ is
probably not the appropriate forum for that.

Thank you,

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