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Sun Nov 25 18:42:06 PST 2007

On Nov 25, 2007, at 1:58 PM, bsd wrote:

> Bind works perfectly out of the box on most FBSD recent versions.
> You should not move things out of the path they have been setup to.
> Specially on FBSD /etc is reserved for system files.
> By default bind is installed in /var/named and should be kept there.
> If I was you I would :
> 1. install the latest bind version from the port //
> 2. make sure you don't touch things unless absolutely necessary.
> 3. copy paste of modify the /var/named/etc/namedb/named.conf so that 
> It corresponds to your needs.
> 4. make sure the /etc/rc.conf has the correct "named" values.
> 5. start it with the /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ script for named //
> Been runing this one with 1000 zones as both masters and slave never 
> had any problem.
> If you have more issue could give you a help on debuging bind.
> My advice : STICK TO THE FBSD RULES AND PATH unless you perfectly know 
> what you are doing.
Thank you for your response. I did not actually change anything with 
respect to locations and such,
but some of the permissions in /var/named/etc/namedb I had changed and 
could not find document-
ation to tell me specifically what they are supposed to be. And I was 
not able to deduce it. As it
turned out, I had a line at the end of named.conf that tried to include 
rndc.key file. I removed that
and named started and runs. Now my problem is getting more info on 
rndc. I am somewhat confused
about it. But I will get on top of that too, i expect.
ecrit...that's French for writes or has written... it's been over 40 
years since I took French in high school.
Thanks again much appreciated;
Jeff K
> Le 25 nov. 07 à 20:19, jekillen a écrit :
>> Hello;
>> I am having some named problems:
>> The daemon will not start and run on system startup.
>> There is plenty of info on problems when named
>> is running, but not when it will not start.
>> I did get it to start after boot with
>> #named (su to root without - option)
>> It started and ran as demonstrated
>> with ps -aux. But the listing was
>> just user (me as mortal user) and
>> named as process (not as a path
>> to an executable, as is normal
>> for other processes).
>> The console messages at start up
>> gives me configuration file not found
>> errors. The files are there.
>> /etc/namedb/named.conf, rndc.key
>> /etc/namedb is a link to /var/named/etc/namedb where the config
>> files are. It is set up to be a slave server
>> for four domains.
>> How can I go about debugging this
>> situation?
>> My suspicions are ownership and permissions
>> are wrong, but how, and how to fix; ??
>> Thanks in advance
>> Jeff k
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