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Chad Perrin perrin at
Sun Nov 25 17:58:31 PST 2007

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 10:22:50AM +1300, Brent Jones wrote:

I find that top-posting really makes it difficult to follow the flow of a
discussion.  I especially find it difficult when someone engages in TOFU
[1] posting, because when I try to check context there's a gawdawful
lengthy blob of stuff, of which usually only a tiny bit is context.
Please trim and post in context.

> I for one prefer top posting, as usually I have read a particular thread
> enough times that I like to cut to the chase and read the new input
> without having to scroll down, sometimes navigating an endless nesting
> of >>>  For me, reading through top posted replies saves time and
> effort.  If I happened to miss something in the conversation I can
> scroll down to find it.

I'm sure someone does, but I don't.

> Anyone else feel the same?

[1]: TOFU = Text Over, Fullquote Under; a term for the most common form
of top posting

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