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Brett Davidson brett at net24.co.nz
Sun Nov 25 17:48:43 PST 2007

Erich Dollansky wrote:
> Hi,
> eBoundHost: Artur wrote:
>> T,
>> I don't know any soft way to say this.  The man, Hitler, was the most 
>> evil person that our generation has ever witnessed.  The things he did 
> this is why he has to be quoted so people see from where certain ideas 
> originate.
> I live in a country where many things are - knowingly or unknowingly - 
> copied from this guy.
>> What really gets me is the fact that this is one of the examples put 
>> on the FreeBSD page.  I'm all for freedom and libertarian ideals, but 
>> for 
> You can promote freedom only if you are able to describe the opposite.
Well said.
>> I don't want to outlaw anything, but have some good taste.  Learn to 
>> moderate yourselves, this is what "freedom" is all based on, being 
>> good to others.
> You must make people aware. If people are not aware - this was the 
> most common excuse of Germans after the war - they will never ever 
> support any actions against something.
>> I would appreciate if someone would help me find the person who can 
>> help to modify the text on this page.
> I hope, you will not find this person.
> Just for your information. Parts of my family were active against 
> Hitler until the collapse of the Third Reich.
> I think, that you are not able to understand the possible unawareness 
> if you have not experienced it just after 1945. A very high percentage 
> of Germans simply could not imagine or did not believe what was going 
> on around them.
> Surpressing even quotes like them here, is the first step to make 
> people feel as they live in a perfect world.
> Erich
To give another reason against supression of quotes is that you tend to 
emulate the actions of the people's ideas that you wished suppressed.
"The opinion of this person/group is not worthy of being spread" is but 
the thin edge of a fascist wedge.
It effectively states that you know better than the rest of us and that 
you are entitled to prevent others from learning/doing something in 
their "best interests".
I wish more people would think about that before attempting to meddle in 
what others are allowed to do.


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