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On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 05:53:54PM -0600, eBoundHost: Artur wrote:
> T,
> I don't know any soft way to say this.  The man, Hitler, was the most evil 
> person that our generation has ever witnessed. 

He wasn't witnessed by our generation & IMHO Stalin was worse.

> The things he did and what was done on his behalf are unspeakable
> and give him a special place in whatever hell you believe in.

I don't believe in hell - any sort of hell.

> As a society, we should distance ourselves and shun any imagery that
> puts any kind of human side to this monster.  

Why should we stop putting any human side to him? He was clearly a
human being.

> Saying that he loved dogs and was an art afficionado is completely 
> irrelevant if you know anything about his actions.

Because it shows him to be a human being?

> There are far more worthy quotes that can be put into FreeBSD and I don't 
> think its debateable.

You don't think it's debatable, but I do.

> What really gets me is the fact that this is one of the examples put on the 
> FreeBSD page.  I'm all for freedom and libertarian ideals, but for petes' 
> sake, have some compassion and understand where your liberty crosses over 
> into the pain of someone else's family.  Why didn't they put on that page 
> along with "quotes about hitler", "jokes about cancer" and "funny rape 
> stories."

Good idea! Anybody got any good cancer or rape gags we can put in

> I don't want to outlaw anything, but have some good taste.  

You *do* want to outlaw things on the grounds of "taste".

> Learn to 
> moderate yourselves, this is what "freedom" is all based on, being good to 
> others.

Nonsense. Freedom is about the right to voice disagreement with
others amongst other things.

> I would appreciate if someone would help me find the person who can help to 
> modify the text on this page.
> http://www.freebsd.org/internal/fortunes.html
> I think it can be worded differently and get the point accross without 
> giving any extra attention to this monster.

It's a good example and shouldn't be changed IMO.

PS. What should be abolished on the grounds of decency is top posting
& rehashing topics that have been gone on about ad nauseum, & on the
wrong mailing list.



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