scoll lock - can't unlock in text login after xorg session

Howard Goldstein hg at
Sun Nov 25 10:43:31 PST 2007

Tino Engel wrote:
> Howard Goldstein schrieb:
>> Just noticed this, after scroll locking for page up/page down in a text
>> login: I cannot unlock anymore.  Does anyone else see this?
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> I experienced a similar problem when not having set a login password.
> Setting it helped.

It happens in single user mode too.  It's new behavior in 7.0 Beta 3 as
compared to 6.2.  Might be useful to know if you can reproduce it, just
go to a local tty perhaps after a restart and see if your scroll lock
toggles.  Mine stays on and nothing but console messages makes it
through (if on the primary tty) but fortunately it honors commands typed
in the blind

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