Difficulties establishing VPN tunnel with IPNAT

Jerahmy Pocott quakenet1 at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 25 07:37:05 PST 2007

On 26/11/2007, at 1:00 AM, Roger Olofsson wrote:

> Hello Jerahmy, (sorry for top-posting, btw).
> Gre is protocol 47. In your firewall rules you only allow/block  
> protocols tcp/udp/icmp. If you want to use PPTP you will need to  
> allow both the port and the protocol for it.

I put:

pass out quick on fxp1 proto gre from any to any keep state

This allowed the PPTP connection to establish, how ever trying to use  
over that connection resulted in:

fxp1 (block all rule) b x.x.x.x -> PR gre len 20 (53) (frag  
57516:33 at 552) IN bad NAT

By placing to rule:

pass in quick on fxp1 proto gre from any to any

and allowing frags everything started working properly, but allowing  
all gre traffic in doesn't seem
like a good idea.. Is there any way to make this work without putting  
static ip address rules or allowing
all traffic?

> In your original question you mentioned having problems with CVS.  
> From the looks of it, you redirect CVS to, meaning that  
> all users on that machine can use CVS.

The redirect rule is supposed to redirect connections to CVS on the  
external interface to on the internal lan, where the CVS server is actually running.


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