Help with a new port?

Zachary Kline Z_kline at
Sat Nov 24 15:40:14 PST 2007

    My name is Zachary Kline, and I've recently begun experimenting with 
BSD-style operating systems under Qemu.  I happen to be blind, and thus 
Qemu's serial console--more specifically, the ability to redirect this 
console output over a TCP port--is the only way I could get FreeBSD 
installed, since it doesn't come with much in the way of accessibility 
tools.  I can't fault anybody for this last, however.
    Anyway, to get to the point: I'm not quite sure where to ask this.  I 
have a new port which I feel should be included in the FreeBSD accessibility 
category, if only because I noticed its absence in searching for it.  I've 
had trouble getting it to port myself, though, and have little real 
programming experience of the kind it would require.
    This port is Emacspeak, from  It's a screen 
reader--though that term isn't really encouraged by the developer--for the 
Emacs work environment.
    I'm wondering if anybody on here might be able to help with this 
porting, or be willing to discuss accessibility of FreeBSD in general.
Thanks much for your time,

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