named fails to start and run

jekillen jekillen at
Fri Nov 23 22:07:46 PST 2007

I am getting the following messaged when named attempts to start
at system startup:
could not configure root hints from 'named.root': file not found
loading configuration: file not found
So what is supposed to tell this script where to find these files?
(in FreeBSD rc script context: i looked over the script named in
rc.d dir, but could not glean anything from it)
They do exist in the proper places (assuming that "loading 
means it is trying to read named.conf, or perhaps rndc.conf).
named version 9.x on FreeBSD 6.2
Extra info:
This is a secondary name server for four domains. It was running on
a laptop that died suddenly of hard drive failure. It was running Yellow
Dog Linux. I've had to reconstruct the server on the present machine
and I was not able to salvage the rndc.key file and rndc.conf from
that machine.

Thank you in advance;
Jeff k

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