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Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 05:30:51 PST 2007

On 23/11/2007, Predrag Punosevac <punosevac at math.arizona.edu> wrote:
> Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> I like to make my own "desktop".
Sounds familiar. :-)
> Predrag's Recipe for Desktop Happiness:
> Take OpenBox3, Xfce4-panel, Rox-filer & feh +applications you like like.
> Edit .xsession as follows
I prefer ion3 as tiling window manager, no panel, and ROX filer. I use
keyboard shortcuts for the applications I really need frequently, and
I use ion3s internal launcher for the rest.


Generally, there is no such thing as the best desktop. The question
is: what desktop/window manger makes you happy? I used Gnome for quite
some time, while I never liked KDE that much. Nowaday, after I decided
to drop any Desktop for my own configuration, I found KDE applications
to be more stable and advanced compared to most GTK2-Apps.
As a matter of fact I don't like the desktop paradigma. People should
care about getting there tasks done, without having to choose one
Desktop Environment because it contains applications that are
suitable. So either you just install one Desktop Environment and you
stick to it, or you'll end up having all libraries and dependencies
installed anyway.
What was that audio player called that is currently developed for
Gnome the one that aims to be like Amarok?
Okay, this is OT for this thread, and I start to rant anyway. Hey, I
could continue with crazy library dependencies. But I will stop here.

So take your time, look around. You sometimes find a LiveCD with a
Desktop Environment, so you might be able to try them without
polluting your system (and dealing with removing all dependencies you
don't need anymore). Saves you some build time, too.


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