(off topic?) Best desktop

Dylan Smith dylan at lightray.org
Fri Nov 23 02:21:38 PST 2007

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> I have used gnome for several years now after finding kde lacking in
> features but just tried kde and have to say I like the programs it
> comes with (but I find gnome easier to use).... I also know there are
> other desktops out there (as being defined as a something more then a
> high end window manager)... which is best?  My work load is that of a
> typical business owner and CS grad student/Java developer plus acting
> as my TV (don't have one and don't have any kind of reception [too far
> in the country {and do not which to have cable}]) via dl'ed shows
Although i am a Gentoo Linux user in terms of my desktop system I've
found XFCE4 to be very nice, it is very lightweight and and fairly
customizable. It comes with a few basic applications such as an gui
archiving tool and text pad(called mousepad), and some other basic
things, however it is not as involved in terms of included applications
as either Gnome or KDE. It is build around the gtk toolkit and so most
Gnome applications fit into place perfectly, however it is more a matter
of picking and choosing the applications that you prefer rather than
using the ones that come standard with the DE.


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