Personalised patches in ports

Bob bob at
Thu Nov 22 13:06:58 PST 2007

Hi folks:

What is the approved method of applying personalised patches to ports

A current example, which was no problem under Linux, is giving me a bit
of a hassle under FreeBSD>

I use pdftotext extensively to translate pdf files to ascii text.
Sometimes, a publicly posted PDF file has it's security option turned
on, making pdftotext refuse to translate the file into text. 

It's a simple hack on the source code to skip security checking, and
under Linux I just patch the sources to not check for same.

How can I incorporate my patch into the portupgrade system, so that an
upgrade of Xpdf will apply my patch? If I download the bzip file, apply
the patch, re-bzip the sources, and then try to force an upgrade, the
checksum fails (as expected).

How does one do thes properly?

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