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nawcom nawcom at nawcom.com
Wed Nov 21 11:36:51 PST 2007

Hm.. from what I understand, tusar kumar wants to know how to assemble a 
laptop? like build one from scratch? if it has to do with hardware 
assembly, there's always ASUS barebones one can buy, or you can go the 
mini-itx route (http://www.mini-itx.com/projects/itx-laptop/?p) which i 
don't really consider it a real laptop. If it has to do with just 
installing FreeBSD on your laptop, well, there's the freebsd manual.

A video on how to do it? Wow. you're asking alot from a free mailing 
list. I could probably make a quick video of me installing FreeBSD 6 
onto a laptop for 3 simple payments of $9.99! (plus $12 
shipping/handling.) Let me know if you are interested.

Now this sort of makes me think of society today. this definitely not 
true in all aspects, but some people do insist on referring to looking 
at a TV 24/7.  This seems to be quite abundant in the United States 
midwest. Which may also have to do with the obesity statistics when it 
comes to geographical location. I'm making an assumption that the one 
asking the question isn't from the US midwest though.

I had a HOWTO set up years ago before X compositing was available and 
3ddesktop was really the only 3d thing out. I remember at least 8 emails 
from people reading the HOWTO and then asking for a live video 
presentation on howto install it. Am I just being mean by not providing 
a video HOWTO? Reminds me of those annoying projects I had to do in high 
school where you have to make an instructional video on howto tie a shoe 
or howto clean up cat shit.
In all honesty, I haven't slept in 36 hours. So please pardon me if this 
response is at all offensive, or a waste of time. I don't even 
understand what I'm typing right now.
I think I should lay down.
Mario Lobo wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 November 2007, Gerard wrote:
>>> On November 21, 2007 at 07:11AM Mario Lobo wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 21 November 2007, tusar kumar wrote:
>>>> hi
>>>>    i want to know how can i assembly laptop. i want a video copy
>>> Ahahahahah !
>>> Sorry guys. That was really funny !
>> You did notice his email address I assume.
> I know, I know.. I saw it. 
> I presume he meant "I would like to know how to install FreeBSD on a laptop. 
> Do you have a how-to video?"
> I wasn't making fun OF him but the possibility that he really meant  "assemble 
> a laptop" sounded funny, to me at least.

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