routing problem

Alaor Barroso de Carvalho Neto alaorneto at
Wed Nov 21 06:44:17 PST 2007

Sorry my english skills, I'm brazilian and I'm not very familiar with the
language, but I'm gonna try to explain it clearly:

private network
external network x.x.x.x

private network
external network x.x.x.x

private network

The LINUX machine is the network gateway, I want the FREEBSD to be the
gateway, so I tested the freebsd machine configuring some clients manually
to use the as gateway, 3 machines, everything worked. So I
thought: time to replace the linux server. So I turned off the linux machine
and changed the ip of freebsd to, just it, and then it stop
working, it can resolv dns for some seconds and then stop. Something I've
noticed, when it's not the network gateway in fact, with just some machines
using it as gateway, the return of netstat -r is ok, with the routes of the
machines accessing it, the active conections, if I just change the ip and
turn off the LINUX machine, the netstat -r return me no routes at all.
Pretty strange.

My nameserver is just
searchdomain xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

2007/11/21, Steve Bertrand <iaccounts at>:

> Alaor Barroso de Carvalho Neto wrote:
> > If I turn off linux and set the rl0 to it
> > stop resolving names but can ping to anywhere. Help!!!
> > in the rc.conf
> > gateway_enable="YES"
> > defaultrouter="X.X.X.X"
> I don't know if I quite understand on which machine things are breaking,
> but if it is a FreeBSD box, can you post the output to:
> # cat /etc/resolv.conf
> ...and
> # dig @
> Steve

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