What's "unknown" about i386-unknown?

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Tue Nov 20 14:49:40 PST 2007

Bill Moran wrote:
> In response to Tino Engel <elrap at web.de>:
>> Bill Moran schrieb:
>>> In response to "Dan Mahoney, System Admin" <danm at prime.gushi.org>:
>>>> Hey all.
>>>> I see i386-unknown as a build target all the time.
>>>> So my (possibly silly) question is: what's the unknown variable here?  And 
>>>> why isn't it?
>>> I seem to remember a conversation about this, and that the original
>>> spec for that string required a "physical location" after the architecture.
>>> I'm guessing that at the time it was very important to know which of
>>> the few physical machines did the job.
>>> If my memory is reliable, it's not that the information is "unknown", it's
>>> just that nobody cares any more, therefore nobody bothers to enter the
>>> physical location information.
>> Well, I actually have i386-portbld-7,0-BETA3.
>> How does that fit?
> Don't know.  It's entirely possible that I'm remembering wrong.

Geeze, it's unknown, because the GNU autoconf files say so, and it's one 
heck of a lot easier to just use what they c\say, than to try talking 
all those stubborn linuxers into changing it.  Not all packages that use 
GNU autoconf have this file, but big ones, like maybe gcc, would have 
the file config.guess.  You run that, and it's announce what it thinks 
your machine is.  If it finds nothing, you're going to have to do a heck 
of a lot of autoconf editing (I used to do that a lot in the early days 
of FreeBSD).  Glad to be able to say that's a long lost memory, not 
needed anymore.

I just ran "find / -name config.guess" on both my FreeBSD box and my 
soon to be modified Gentoo box, here's what comes back:

sh-3.2# sh /home/chuckr/pda/scripts/config.guess

:363>sh /usr/local/lib/rpm/config.guess

You probably have some junko config.guess files hanging around 
somewhere, you can try it yourself.  Or ask me, I'll mail you one.

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