mount -u -o rw / not working on NFS?

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Mon Nov 19 10:29:09 PST 2007

>> diskless101#mkdir /aaa
>> mkdir aaa: Read-only file system
>> Question: if the remount did not succeed, why didn't it throw an error? If succeeded, why can't I write on the filesystem?
> The answer to the second portion is that you're mounted as a read only
> file system, so there's no write access.
You were right. Actually I had /etc/exports file setup correctly, but I 
forgot to invoke "killall -HUP mountd" after the last change. My bad. :-(

But... I'm still interested in the first portion. Why didn't I get an 
error message if the nfs share was read-only?
> There's an nfs permissions file you may need to edit, /etc/exports/,
> which controls whether NFS shares the file system as read only, read
> write, whether root can have root on the file system etc.

The case is solved, but I still have this question. :-)



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