FreeBSD router and WCCP

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Mon Nov 19 07:11:08 PST 2007

> ipfw forwarding is a very easy way to redirect traffic without
> changing it. PF has similar functionality. It all depends on what
> the appliance supports. If wccp is the only way it can eat
> packets, try playing with gre(4). But maybe it'll consume just
> plain packets with "wrong" IP destinations arriving on its MAC
> address, just the way squid on FreeBSD does.
> BTW, if the appliance supports ICAP, you'll be much better off
> running squid on a FreeBSD box and filtering content through

The appliance does indeed have ICAP capabilities, but I have never
dabbled with it before.

I am familiar with IPFW, but I'd like to know all options in order to
choose the best one.

I would very much prefer to do this in a way without having to have
Squid running on the box, but will if I have to.

>> The filter will not be inline, and it will be an opt-in type service, so
>> only certain traffic will need to be redirected.
> You'll be able to use ipfw or pf to tune the policies to a very
> fine degree.

Thanks for your help!


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