firefox+flash = i'cant got to my shell

Frank Shute frank at
Mon Nov 19 01:04:10 PST 2007

On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 10:12:04PM -0800, Viktor Penkov wrote:
> Hello.I want to install flash and using it with firefox.I used this
> guide ->

That guide is almost 3 yrs old. Totally useless.

> When i rebooted my system i got this message " /libexec/
> shared object "pluginwrapper/" not found,  required by
> "-sh" /libexec/ shared object "pluginwrapper/"
> not found, required by "sh" Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN
> for /bin/sh: I can't get into my shell.  I tryed to use /rescue.
> When it asked me again for the pathname i typed this "/rescue/sh".I
> wanted to edit the libmap.conf with vi but when i typed vi i got
> this "vi: no terminal database found"  
> How to fix this? Thnx

When you get the prompt to hit return for /bin/sh, do so. You will be
given a prompt, then you can mount your partitions, fire up vi & undo
everything you did to "install" flash. After that reboot into the
normal, multi-user mode.

To install flash, search the archive of this list. In the last few
months the installation of flash has come up more than once. It's
fairly straightforward: install linux-flashplugin & then
nspluginwrapper & run it. It works with native firefox.



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